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Simple yet elegant

Intiendo Mapserver, designed and deveoped by SDSL, is an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) sandard mapping solution of spatially referenced data which provides Web Map Service (WMS) dynamically from geographic information. This is also an advanced and robust GIS solution for rendering spatial data (maps, images, and vector data) for spatially-enabled software applications. AfriGIS’s Intiendo MapServer is compliant with version 1.1.1 and 1.3.0 of the OGC specifications and WMS. Additionnaly Intiendo MapServer has some novel extensions which enable users to add rich GIS content to their websites and desktop application. SDSL has also designed and developed a web based mapping solution in JavaSript similar to Google Maps. The development commenced in mid-2003 and is still continuing. SDSL has spent 100+  development man years on Intiendo Mapserver and its JavaScript mapping solution.

There are 3 core components of MapServer as below:

  1. Mapserver engine : Developed in C++
  2. ControlPanel for settings: Developed in Java EE
  3. Map Data : provided by client (AfriGIS).


Key Features


Map Image rendering

  • Render a single map image on the fly by calling a url.
  • Render a map as tiles on the fly by calling a url per tile.
  • Highlight objects on the map image by specifying selection criteria.
  • Multiline labelling
  • Semi-transparent labelling

Map Objects Selection

  • Retrieve map object attributes in XML format specifying selection criteria.
  • Retrieve map objects as GML (WFS).
  • Search for Map Objects in one layer based on objects in another layer (Buffer searching)
  • Retrieve Map Objects in a specified radius from a coordinate.

Routing and Navigation

  • Calculate routes based on various routeing parameters, e.g. Shortest Route, Quickest route with driving directions
  • Supports one way and roundabouts.
  • Support multiple VIA points
  • Returns either text-friendly, route vector data or both
  • Calculate the most optimal route for up to 10 via points (Travelling Salesman Problem)
  • Optionally returns the result in compressed format to reduce the size of the response.
  • On the fly route link penalisation (for real-time traffic)

Data Sources

  • AfriGIS Shape file format (AGS) (A desktop application – AfriGIS Data Builder) converts between ESRI shape file format and the AfriGIS shape file format.
  • PostGIS database (Memory and Disk based)
  • Oracle database (Memory and Disk based)
  • SQL Server database (Memory and Disk based)

© AfriGIS South Africa

  • C++

Client Name: AfriGIS, SA

Relationship: 2003 – Cont.

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