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Simple App for cool Navigator

AfriGIS Navigator is a personal turn by turn navigation application designed and developed for the smartphones. The application provides dynamic, 3D navigational views and voice commands to a user. The Navigator application allows searching for addresses and points of interest (POI). It uses the GPS receivers which are built into the devices for navigation.
Once a destination address or point of interest is found, the most appropriate route from your current location can instantly be downloaded before activating the voice enabled, turn-by-turn navigation system. The Navigator allows users to reach their destination by the shortest or quickest route, it also adjust the travel route based on current traffic on the road.


Major Features:

  •  Accurate satellite navigation on your mobilephone
  •  Share locations and routes with other users –Inbox feature
  •  Instantly find addresses and points of interest using free text search
  • Voice enabled 3D view of your route on the handset
  • Turn-by-turn navigation system
  •  Dynamically update routes for travelling salespeople and delivery drivers

© AfriGIS, South Africa

Client Name: AfriGIS, SA

Relationship: 2009 – Cont.

  • iPhone
  • BlackBerry OS/10
  • Android
  • Windows Phone